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Sydney-based powerlifter and heavily-tattooed Instagram-famous ‘Muslim soldier’, Yakiboy, is known for his lavish lifestyle on social media.

The gym junkie whose real name is Hossein Balapour, 28, is an Iranian refugee who fled to Australia by boat five years ago. He makes up to $1500 per photoshoot from his ‘Lamborghini’ body and loves to show off his Gold necklaces, diamond watches and a small collection of rings.In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, Yakiboy who struts about Sydney with gold and diamond teeth and Versace clothes said:

‘I’m six foot five, why shouldn’t I make money from my body?’ said Mr Balapour, who makes up to $1500 per photoshoot.Check out new photos of heavily-tattooed Instagram-famousThe 28-years-old also revealed that he is a married man whose wife will soon give birth to a baby girl.

‘Before I was married, I used to get the girls like that. A lot of boys spend a lot of money on the girls, buy a handbag, this, that. I tell them I’m the Lamborghini – you don’t need a Lamborghini, I’m the Lamborghini.’

Speaking about fleeing into Australia by boat from Iran five years ago, the powerlifter said: ‘Honestly, I put my life in the boat coming to Australia,’ he said.Check out new photos of heavily-tattooed Instagram-famous

According to Yakiboy who was a jujitsu teacher and wrestler in Tehran, he added: ‘Too many bad memories,’ he said, describing the Islamic Republic as a land of ‘no opportunities’ with an oppressive government which ‘rips off the people

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