Tanzanian authorities move in to settle Rich Mavoko, Diamond beef

After bongo star Rich Mavoko edited his Instagram account to read ‘Musician from East Africa’ leaving out Wasafi, it was clear something was amiss.Well, it seems the beef between Mavoko and Wasafi label owner Diamond Platnumz may have escalated forcing Tanzanian authorities through Baraza La Sanaa Tanzania (BASATA) to mediate between the two.

Through CEO Godfrey Mngereza, BASATA will hold a sit-down meeting between the two to squash any ill feelings the two artists may have.We have spoken to Wasafi and the label has no issue with Rich Mavoko. The organization will table a meeting between the two because there seems to be no real conflict between the two,” said Mngereza.

This comes after the ‘Roho Yangu’ singer met with the authorities five days ago and had a positive outlook on the matter ahead.#Basata,’’ he posted.Breaking free from the contract he had signed with Wasafi, Rich Mavoko had complained of favouritism and claimed other artists like him were being ignored by the label.

The ‘Marry Me’ hitmaker made known his woes revealing that he had been missing from the entertainment scene due to personal matters.Speaking to Tanzania’s Kwanza TV, he went on to say that Diamond was forever in his case to drop new songs back to back something he finds challenging because of personal engagements.According to Mavoko, WCB has unrealistic demands and only wants things done their way without putting the artist’s desires into consideration

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