Zari Hassan advises Hamisa Mobetto after Diamond blasted her for using witchcraft on him

Diamond Platnumtz publicly blasted Hamisa Mobetto for using witchcraft to lure him into marriage. The ‘Nibebe’ hit maker responded after a voice note of a secret recordings of Hamisa consulting a witchdoctor leaked online.

Walk away sister
Zari Hassan has since taken a swipe at Hamisa Mobetto for stooping so low in a bid to woo Diamond to marry her. The mother of five advises her foe to walk away if the man she loves doesn’t even appreciate her.She further instructs Hamisa to stop tolerating Diamond’s acts of disrespect;

“Never give anyone the power to ‘choose’ between you and someone else. If they cant decide, decide for them. Walk tf away and never look back. Go where your celebrated. Don’t even explain it to anyine, your journey is yours. NOBODY has to understand it but YOU. Sending nothing but love to you sis in TZ. Now wipe those tears and fix that,” Zari posted

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