Five ridiculous matatu incidents you wouldn’t believe happened

The matatu industry in Kenya has gained negative publicity following instances of recklessness and sometimes uncouth behavior from the operators. From allegations of speeding, coning passengers, collaborating with robbers to charging exorbitant fares, the list goes on and on. However the latest incident could have been the last straw after a matatu rammed into a police car in Nairobi’s CBD.

The matatu christened ‘Ty Dolla’ ran into a stationary police car along Moi Avenue, Nairobi has been detained by the police. During the incident that occurred on 9 September just a stone’s throw away from Central Police Station, the matatu is seen reversing with a crowd of youths dangerously dangling onto its exterior before ramming into the back of the police vehicle

In light of this unfortunate event, we have a recap of five ugly incidents involving matatus in the recent pas..‘Catalyst’, which was crowned Kenya 1, ran over a student along City Hall Way, a couple of meters from the venue.In a bizarre twist of events, the matatu that was crowned the best in Kenya during the 2016 Nganya Awards had just run over a man on its way to the ceremony held at KICC.

He was hanging onto the matatu while it was performing stunts (twerking) when he fell off and the rear wheels ran him over, instantly killing the student.In 2017, a matatu ferrying passengers from Ongata Rongai to the City Centre overturned, killing four people and injuring six others along Lang’ata Road.

Then named Schizophreniac, the recklessly driven matatu was then taken to riko (fabrication) and renamed Ferrero Rocher, operating the CBD- Kitengela route under Wamasaa Investment Sacco.

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