Zari gives a piece of Advice to Hamisa as she tries to bewitch Diamond for Love

We all Know strong of a woman Zari Hassan after all the disappointments she has gone through with men. So when an alleged recording of Hamisa, Diamond’s baby Mama leaked making a request to a traditional witchdoctor to enable her ‘have control’ over Diamond she had some advice to give.
She posted:
“Never give anyone the power to ‘choose’ between you and someone else. If they can’t decide, decide for them. Walk tf away and never look back. Go where you’re celebrated. Don’t even explain it to anyone, your journey is yours. NOBODY has to understand it but YOU. Sending nothing but love to you sis in TZ. Now wipe those tears and fix that“, she posted on Instagram.

Zari who dumped her baby daddy as soon as she found out of his numerous infidelities. She refuses to be treated less than the queen she is.
Good of you Zari we hope Hamisa heeds the advice.

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