Award winning singer and songwriter, Avril has released a new single, “In Love” after taking almost an year off. Fans had already started pressuring her to release new music but she came out to share that she had taken her break and will be making a comeback soon.

The new song has been directed by none other than J Blessing, a man rumored to be the father of her child. J blessing’s headphones Pace are also been advertised in the song.

Avril’s comeback, which is Afro pop song that speaks to all the couples who are in love, was written Tommy Flavour and produced by Saint P. It comes almost six months after the singer gave birth to her first child.

“This beautiful song was written by Tommy flavour with me at the back of his mind. It is a song I believe will resonate with every person who is truly in love and every couple that has ups and downs in their union but still manage to push through.”

Watch the song below: