Tanzanian activist Mange Kimambi has lately been giving a couple of Tanzanian celebrities sleepless nights. From her posts, she seems one not to joke or play around with as she has sources giving her private information about most celebrities.

After attacking the likes of Mama Dangote, Wema Sepetu and many more; this weekend she turned to Zari revealing that the boss lady was frozen at a U.K. airport after producing fake documents.Apparently Zari had altered her age on her passport hence bringing complications with the immigration. Mange who was first to highlight this on her Instagram opened a platform for fans to attack the boss lady as she had also shared a copy of what is believed to be Zari’s official government documents.

Zari claps back
Having come across the stories on social media, the boss lady decided to respond to Mange. Judging from how the two ladies handled themselves, it’s evident that there is bad blood.Zari on the other hand also went out to justify why her ID read 1978 and not 1980. However knowing how conscious ladies are with their age, it’s understandable to tell why she got defensive.