20 Scholarships in Canada for African and International Students 2019 2020

The following is a Bachelor’s Degree, a scholarship and a doctorate in Canada open to students from Africa and other international countries. The deadline for the annual application has been granted. Focus on deadlines to know the upcoming and ongoing scholarships. Early use is important. It is advisable to bookmark this page as all previous scholars will be updated to become new scholars in less than three months, once they are announced.
SchCars Foundation ScholarshipThe MasterCard Elite Program is a $ 500 million program to inspire 15,000 young people – mostly from Africa – to lead change through education. Three Canadian universities have partnered with the MasterCard Foundation to offer this scholarship program.
The Mastercard Foundation scholarship for the next academic session at the three participating Universities in Canada will open in September 2016.
McGill University Canada – MasterCard Foundation Scholarship for African Students
McGill University, Canada is partnering with the MasterCard Elite Program to offer an undergraduate Scholarship to African students over a 10-year period. The Scholarship will be available at the Masters level from the 2016-2017 academic year.
Application Deadline: January

University of Toronto Canada MasterCard Foundation Scholarship for African Students
The University of Toronto and The MasterCard Foundation are excited to present the MasterCard Scholars Program at the University to promote the next generation of leaders. Thanks to the visionary support of the Foundation, the U of T can now provide 67 African students with one of the highest ranked courses in the world – in one of the world’s most cultural cities.
Annual Application Deadline: December / January
British University of Britain – MasterCard Foundation’s Elite Program for African Students – Canada.U University of Britain, Canada is partnering with the MasterCard Elite Program to provide a $ 25 million Scholarship to African students; Over the next 10 years, undergraduate and 35 master’s degrees will go through the Program.
Application Deadline: December
International Leader of the Future Scholarship of the University of British Columbia
British University of Britain – UBC – Tomorrow’s International Prize Leader recognizes international students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, leadership skills, involvement in student affairs and community service, being recognized for success in fields such as art drama, sports, debating or creative writing, or outside professional competitions and exams.
Application Deadline: December

University of Alberta Undergraduate Scholarship for International Students
To attract top students, the University of Alberta, Canada provides more than $ 22 billion in undergraduate scholarships annually to international students. The Scholarship is awarded annually to students upon study authorization who enter the undergraduate program. Some of these courses require different uses when considered for another scholarship upon receipt by the University.
Application Deadline: March and December

The American Concrete Institute offers undergraduate and graduate students and international students through the ACI Foundation in the field of materials design, construction. ACI Foundation Fellowships and Scholarships are awarded annually to help students who have a strong desire to reach their educational and career goals.
Application Deadline: October

MMMF Scholarships for Women from Developing Countries in America and Canada
The Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund (MMMF) provides grants to women from developing countries to help further their education and enhance their leadership skills to improve the lives of women and children in developing countries. The MMMF is for those currently studying in the United States or Canada, and grants are approximately $ 12,000 each.

Application Deadline: September to January

The following are the Professional / PhD Professionals in Canada
British University of Britain (UBC) Expert Scholarship for International Students
The British University of Killam Scholarship is the most prestigious award available to UBC graduate students. To qualify for the Killam Doctoral Scholarship, applicants must have not completed more than 24 months of doctoral study from the date of commencement of the scholarship.

Application Deadline: October

Vanier University of Canada graduate at the University of Alberta
The University of Vanier Canada Schani (Vanier CGS) was created to attract and maintain students of the national doctoral and doctoral degree in Canada as a global hub for excellence in research and higher education. VCS supports students who demonstrate leadership skills and high levels of academic achievement in the social sciences and humanities, natural sciences and engineering, and health. The scholarship is worth $ 50,000 a year for three years and is available to Canadian and international PhD students studying at Canadian universities.
Application Deadline: November

Trudeau Professional Scholarship in Canada for Developing Countries
Each year, the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation pays the best candidates for registration or are about to be enrolled in the science and humanities program and who do research in areas related to the four core topics. The Trudeau Foundation offers a Nursing Scholarship for Canadian citizens and Foreign Citizens (with a preference for developing countries) to study at Canadian Universities
Application Deadline: November / December

Microsoft PhD Collaboration Research Program in Computer Science, Electrical or Mathematical Science. The 2017 PhD Collaboration application date will open in mid-August 2016. The Microsoft PhD program is a two-year fellowship for the best PhD students selected by universities. To be eligible for this fellowship, you must apply during your second or third year of PhD study. The fellowship is provided by Microsoft Research at the discretion of Microsoft.
Application Deadline: October

Quebec Government, Doctoral Student Research Program for International Students
The scholarship program for international students (DE) technology Fonds québécois de la recherche sur la nature et les les aims to stimulate international students’ desire to start or pursue doctoral studies in Québec and provide financial support to leading Ph.D. candidates in the natural sciences, mathematics and engineering.
Application Deadline: November

Humber College Student Scholarship Scholarship
All new international students, studying in the program of study are eligible to apply for Full-time Teaching, admission and undergraduate studies.
Annual Application Deadline: the last 3 – February, May and October
Bonus: Algonquin Undergraduate Training College for International Students – Canada
This scholarship will be for first-year, first-year international high school students in accordance with the Professional qualifications. This scholarship is meant to reward applicants who have moderate degrees and proficiency in English.
Application Deadline : October

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